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Fighting Distraction

“What was th..? “Oh sorry I was on the Phone” Ya I guess you can say, what once was mounted on the wall of most homes around the world in a safe place, turned out to be one of the worst driving distractions ever.

Some statistics from 2019-20 showed that deaths from Texting or using any electronic device while at the wheel surpassed those from Impaired drivers… Hic*@up which makes..@&# I mean it could be the impaired driver using his phone….Or, you know what I mean right. Have you ever gone into a Mall and watched people, most are oblivious to anything but that Cell phone in their hands. I’m talking about the ones sitting down, If I see someone walking and using their phone I steer clear to avoid a collision.

”Penny Residence, Gray Speaking”

This is how the Wall Phone was answered by me as a young 7 year old, I can remember it like it was yesterday.But enough of that, you see it happens even when I’m trying to create a blog on the subject of distraction.

There are many ways we are distracted, sudden loud noises, music we like, or a television program and the list goes on. In some cases it’s none of the above and it isn’t a physical distraction it’s more mental than anything. For instance, a lot of people have some kind of routine they go through each day specifically to prevent distractions, but how many are successful. There is this new term that I’ve noticed through my research called Your ‘Tasks‘, and these are the things we want to accomplish in the day or week whatever it may be. When we make up this Task list, maybe we just overdo it to the point where it’s overkill, and there are to many Tasks. This is most likely caused by the incompletion of the previous Task(s)


Maybe the task list is a good idea for some of us, but maybe it’s not even the fact that we have tried to remind ourselves to do these simple tasks, but maybe it just comes down the fact of how interested we are in what it is we’re trying to accomplish online.

As the past 2 years have gone by, I like a good number of well wishers decided to take on the challenge of starting an online venture of some sort, and I’ll bet everyone of you were challenged by distractions. My belief is if you are someone who is into being on the computer on a daily basis and are comfortable with this, then you probably would have a better chance of avoiding distraction, but that’s not to say you aren’t immune to it. Now I’m no expert but the main reason I think people become distracted is because they aren’t interested enough in what they started. The idea is to focus on a Target and keep it in mind as you strategize. If your not completely sure of what it is your doing in any of the many platforms out there and you don’t ask questions, that in itself is a Distraction. You can have all the Task lists and Strategies along with the Platform of your choice or software in hand, but what it all really comes down to is your 110% Commitment to a Target that you create for yourself, and not someone else. The other very important ingredient in our success is we have to believe in ourselves.

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